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While the date palm tree is called “nakhl,” the fruit is called “tamr” in Arabic. The date fruit and tree were dear to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the word “date” is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an more than 20 times. The


Prophet Muhammad(SAW) said: "No one had ever been given anything better than Sabr." Sabr is the Islamic virtue for patience, endurance and perseverance. Saabir is the Arabic word for those that have sabr. Sabr is categorized as

Qur’an Stories: The Sacrifice

The story of Prophet Ibrahim (as) preparing to offer his son Isma’il (as) as a sacrifice to Allah (swt) is not one of simply offering flesh and physical bloodhsed, but more so of spiritual sacrifice and submission to Allah (swt). As the


Tafsir of the Quran is a well developed and important science for every muslim to be well acquainted with. It basically is the explanation or interpretation of the Quran and is sometimes translated as commentary or exegesis. Importance of


The Quran is a word derived from the Arabic root qara'a which means to read, write, to recite. Al-Quran means the reading or reciting, although, it is widely understood as the title of the revelation given to Prophet Muhammad(SAW). Thus,


Ibadah is an Arabic word which usually translates to 'worship' . The English word worship means reverent homage or service paid to God. In English, worship commonly refers to prayer and praise of God usually performed in places of worship.