Due to the fact that it takes extra work on our side to earn Allah’s blessings and rewards—fighting sleep and rising up only for the sake of connecting with Allah (SWT)—He has designated this specific hour for supplication and worship.

Waking up for Qiyamulayli helps us gain discipline and strengthen self-control and willpower. Muslims learn to fight their soul and personal desires and, in turn, gain purity and excellence. It is a path that may lead a believer to paradise.

“You should pray Qiyamulayli, for it is the custom of the righteous who came before you and it brings you closer to your Lord, and expiates sins and prevents misdeeds.” – Al Tirmidhi (3549).

It also gives contentment, humility, and fulfilment.

Although no one wants their sleep distorted if it’s not crucial or beneficial, it is only Allah who can consistently request a precious time like that for devoted worship. This, in turn, gives you a reward and a feeling that your prayers have been accepted after observance.

It is, however, advised to make it a habit to rise and pray in the early hours before dawn. Remember, it’s not how much you can accomplish at a time. It’s how consistent you can be, even if it’s just two raka’t every night.

May Allah (SWT) grant us the strength and ability to be consistent with this good deed.