There’s no need to reiterate the fact that our noble Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), during his days, observed I’tikaf at the Masjid during the final 10 days of Ramadan.

It is a set number of days dedicated to a spiritual retreat.

It is actually a lovely custom that every Muslim should follow at least once in their lifetime. The prophet carried it out for the majority of his life.

Whereas if we really follow the prophet in his beliefs and tradition, it becomes imperative for us to do the same, if not every year of our lives, but one or more times to worship Allah in Ramadan.

The opportunity is here again; you do not need to procrastinate. You can observe even for a day, three, five or the remaining days of this Ramadan.

I’tikaf is meant to draw the Muslim closer to Allah by distancing yourself from worldly distractions and focusing only on Allah SWT.

This spiritual retreat will take you closer to Allah SWT and provide the desired spiritual connection with Allah.

When we perform i’tikaf with sincerity, it is among the most virtuous of deeds, so much so that even when you are asleep while in I’tikaf, you are considered to be in a state of worship, Subhanallah!

Ruling of Itikaf

I‘tikaf is done in the Masjid (Mosque), where you can pray in congregation. The Muslim must be fasting. Thin Sunnah is done while observing the fasting of Ramadan. It must also be consecutive.  It must not be that you do one day today and break it to continue tomorrow and the like.

If you planned or intended to do three days, it must be done consecutively.

May Almighty Allah accept our Ibadah.