Hey, Ahmad keep quiet baby, we will soon be home. Mummy why can’t I play mosque?

Ahmad, you know Allah is watching you and I have always told you not to play in the mosque while you can play at home and other places.

But mum, why am I not allowed? Will I be child of Shaytan? Yes dear, the mosque is the house of  Allah and any place we worship him, we are not allowed to talk and play in the mosque because is is equivalent to been in the front of Allah. We should not allow Shaytan to distract us from our prayers.

Right from when we have the intention to pray and start performing our ablution, we should respect the state and maintain decorum.

Mum! What are the other sacred places we are to maintain decorum? 

You are to maintain decorum at every religious gathering because it is said that the angels are always were the word of Allah and worship takes place.

Alright mum, I will always abide by the mosques rules and concentrate on my prayers.

That’s my son, May Allah bless you.

Aamin and you too mum.

The mosque is a place of worship and should be treated with respect. We are not expected to discuss trivial matters in the mosques and of course other activities that are not religious and time wasting.

May Allah set our path right on the Deen and guide us… Aamin