The term Sohaabah meaning the ‘companions’ from the verb ‘accompany’ which means to keep’ company’which refers to the companions, disciples, scribes and family of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. Two important groups among the companions are called the Muhajirun(exiles) who are those who had faith in Muhammad when he began to preach in Mecca who fled with him when he was prosecuted there and the Ansar, the people of Madinah who welcomed Muhammmad and his companions and stood as their protectors.


In Islam, there are three types of Sahaabahs

-As Sabiqun Al awwaluun (Badriyans)- The people who were muslims during the time of Badr were further classified into two: the Muhajirun and Ansar

Muhajireen- The immigrants from Mecca

Ansar(helpers)-The inhabitants from Mecca. They are ideals for the other Muslims because”well pleased is Allah with them”.

Major Sahaabah (Kibaar)- The people who were muslims before victory at Mecca and went into exile and fought for Allah’s cause in most of the wars. They are also in a high degree, especially those who were present at Hudaybiyyah. Allah is also very pleased with them.

Released people (Ashaab at-tulaqaa)- They were non muslims at the time of victory of Mecca and after that, they were forgiven by Prophet Muhammad(SAW) which pleased them into becoming muslims.


Some companions of the Prophet are;

Abu bakr bn Abu Talib

Umar bn Khattab

Uthman bn Affan

Ali bn Abi Talib

Zayd bn Thabit

Abdullah bn Masud


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