The Nigerian Muslim community, particularly from Iwoland, Osun State, has been thrown into mourning after the news of the death of respected Muslim scholar, Fadilat Sheikh Dr. Abdur Rasheed Abdul Jabar Salman Buwaeb surfaced on social media on Tuesday, July 2.

At the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital (OAUTHC), Ife, Osun State, early on Tuesday morning, Sheikh Buwaeb, a member of the NAHCON Ulamah Team for Hajj 2022 and 2023, returned to Allah following a brief illness, according to information obtained by 3sixtyIslam.

Sheikh Buwaeb’s death was announced by another prominent scholar from Iwoland, Sheikh Dr. Sirajudeen Al-Asrau of Inaayatullah Travels and Tours Agency, in an audio broadcast.

He said, “On behalf of the entire Muslim community in Iwoland, we announce the death of our scholar, Dr. Abdur-Rasheed Buwaeb, who returned to Allah this morning, Tuesday, July 2.

“Solatul Janaza will be held today (Tuesday) at Islahudeen Arabic School at Oyoode, Iwo, in sha Allah. The time is 4pm. We urge all Muslims to endeavor to attend as a way of honouring our departed scholar. May Allah forgive and grant him aljanah firdaus.”