Driven by its commitment to the safety and security of its residents and failure to comply with the essential data sharing agreement, the Lagos State Government is set to sanction Uber Technologies System Nigeria Limited.


Expressing deep dismay at Uber’s continuous defiance of established regulations, particularly regarding critical Application Programme Interface (API) integration for enhanced safety and security, the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Oluwaseun Osiyemi berated the violation despite ongoing efforts to maintain a secured and regulated transportation environment.


Mr. Osiyemi underscored the non-negotiable nature of the API integration, emphasising its vital role in enabling real-time data sharing for government monitoring and accountability during active trips. This is essential for fostering a secure and regulated transportation ecosystem for the well-being of all Lagos State residents.


Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Osiyemi stressed that immediate corrective action is imperative to rectify Uber’s non-compliance with the Data Sharing Agreement and API integration of the State.


Urging Uber to urgently seek resolution within the established regulatory framework, the Commissioner further stated that non-compliance would result in stern sanctions in accordance with the State laws and regulations. He also advised Uber’s users to take caution as the sanction when in place will equally affect their operations.