By Imam Sanni Kay Yūsuf
Mudīrul markaz (may his health be fully restored and his guidance on the right path be ensured) only wants to have himself forced on us as the Amīr of the Muslims in Yorubaland. If not, why would he without being appointed leader have himself positioned as the one to announce the commencement and the termination of Ramadān fast every year?
Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that Ramadān fast could be announced ahead of time, in what capacity – or under what portfolio – does mudīr operate? The Sultan of Yorubaland? The Chairman of the southwestern zone of the Supreme Council for Islāmic Affairs (NSCIA)? What exactly?
Markazul ‘ulūm, no doubt, is a formidable citadel to reckon with. Does it bigness put its head in position of Sultan? If that be, what then happens to the other citadels which are on the same pedestal with markaz? There’s Adabiyyah in Ilorin. There’s Ma’hd in Ibadan. What about the one in Iwo? Should they equally do as done markaz?
From mudīr’s egoistic and bossy disposition so far, I think his challenge is that he feels too much entitled – believing that a decisioon that is supposed to be communal, collective and actuated by the authority can be solely made by him. This is not done in any civilised society – not even in the jungle where animals inhabit. Where every institution, or perhaps organisation, acts as egotistically done markaz, the unity of the Muslims which is already in the mud, will go on an irredeemable extinction.
The commencement and termination of Ramadān fast, in saner climes, is announced by the constituted authority. Yorubaland should not be an exception, even if – assumedly – astronomical forecast is what will be followed. This is what the Supreme Council for Islāmic Affairs has been doing over the years. The umbrella body has a committee that is in charge of moon sighting, and mudīr, I hear, is an appointed member. The committee monitors the appearance and disappearance of the moon and report its findings to the NSCIA for announcement to the Muslim ummah. Ramadān being the controversial month usually has the Sultan of Sokoto – President of the NSCIA – go on air to declare it commenced and/or terminated. This is in line with what was in operation during the life of the Prophet and the successors who took over after him.
Somebody should tell mudīr and his handlers to put a stop to the embarrassment they cause markaz. May Allāh be with mudīr, grant him quick recovery and make him toe the path of truth.
Imam Sanni Kay Yūsuf, Lagos