Birth of Prophet Muhammad(SAW).
Prophet Muhammad(SAW) was born in the year of the Elephants in 570 AD. He was born in Makkah on the 12th of Rabi’ul Awwal by his mother named, Amina. His grandfather named Abdul Mutallib named him Muhammad, meaning ‘the praised one’. When asked about his unusual name, he said, ‘I want him to be praised by men on earth’. Before the birth of Prophet Muhammad, his father named Abdullah had died.

It was the custom of Arabs in the city to put their children in the care of Bedouin wet nurses so that they could grow up in the free and healthy environment of the desert. After nursing Muhammad for a while, Amina entrusted hm to a Bedouin wet nurse named, Halima. When Muhammad was two years old, he was brought back to Amina, but there was an epidemic in the desert so he was returned back with Halima to the desert. Muhammad grew up healthy and strong, even during his childhood he was seen to be thoughtful and fond of reflection.

Muhammad stayed with Amina for four to five years more before being returned to Amina. When Muhammad was six years old, Amina took him to Yathrib to visit her relatives and the grave of his father, Abdullah. On the return journey Amina fell ill and died. She was buried in a place called Abwa. Muhammad became an orphan at such a young age. Amina’s slave girl named Barakah brought him back to Makkah. Abdul Mutallib received him and cared for him as he would have cared for his own son, filled with pity for a six year old child who had lost both his father and mother. However, Abdul Mutallib himself was an old man and two years later at the age of 82, he also passed away.

Life as a Shepherd.
Muhammad, bereaved for the third time was put in the care of his uncle named Abu Talib. Formal education was very rare in Arabia, so Muhammad like other boys his age herded sheep and goats. This suited his thoughtful temperament and habit of solitary contemplation.