A British Muslim lady on Twitter shared the story of her journey into Islam.

According to her, she made a lot of Muslim friends as she moved out for university and their lifestyle and mannerism drew her to Islam.

“We would always be crying about the boys that used us but my muslim friends never had those issues their honour and dignity was just amazing. The way they carried themselves and how they dressed intrigued me into Islam,” the post said.

She admitted that “I used to be quite apprehensive about having Muslims in my social circle as I just saw the negativity on the news. But my new muslim friends were so positive , they were always glowing and looked at peace.”

The series of tweets read in part, “I started watching dawah man’s videos about Islam and the importance of honour and dignity and how if a guy just wants a casual relationship he doesn’t respect you at all.

My Muslim friends looked so elegant in their modest wear , they didn’t seek validation through boys , it actually liberated them and I wanted to have that liberation as welll.

So I started dressing more modestly and I quit haram relationships as I found the thing I loved the most and was attracted to the most was my boyfriend and that wasn’t healthy , seeing my Muslim friends pray 5 times a day and submit to God was so beautiful.

I made dua and asked Allah to show me a sign I should convert and whether Islam is the right religion and Subhanallah that day when my card got declined at tescos a Muslim lady payed for my shopping.

After that I decided to take my shahada , I would’ve probably never gotten to this point if the Muslims around me weren’t showing Islam in their mannerism and how nice and welcoming they were Subhanallah.”

On her relationship with her parents sequel to her conversion to Islam, she disclosed that ”Overall I’m so happy with my choice even though my parents weren’t very happy about it, but I have trust in Allah to get me through this as even though my relationship with my family is not the best now my relationship with God has given me so much happiness and satisfaction.”