Aisha Badeji

There is hardly any individual that has never been tried or tested with something negative. It could be loss of a loved one, wealth, health, marital issue, knowledge or anything at all. Almighty Allah inevitably tests or tries His believing servants according to their level of faith. Remember that He asks us in Surat Ankabut, verse 2 ‘’Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: ‘’we believe’’ and will not be tested? You know what’s more? By His Might, Allah informs us in Surah Baqara, verse 214 that ‘’Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near!’’ How Powerful and Merciful is our Lord (SWT) Who promised us twice in Surat Ash-Sharh that ‘’verily, along with every hardship is relief.’’ What more assurance do you need as a believer when the Lord of the Worlds has promised you that with every calamity or trouble that comes your way, the ease and relief will be provided along with it, not after the difficulty, but along with it?

A believer should see a test as an invitation from Allah because it is exactly what will force you to bow your head in Sujud and cry your heart out to Him. Agreed, it is often difficult to see a test or trial as a gift from Allah when you are right in the eye of the storm and struggling to keep your head above water. As much as I would like you to own your space and take your time to process the grief, you should not fight it for too long. Reflect on the situation, lift it up to Allah, surrender to His will and watch how much lighter your burden will be. Patience really is a virtue and every Muslim should strive towards it. Here is what Allah tells us in Surat Baqara, verses 155-157

‘’And We will most certainly try you with somewhat of fear and hunger and loss of property and lives and fruits; and give glad tidings to the patient,

Who, when a misfortune befalls them, say: Surely, we are Allah’s and to Him we shall surely return.

Those are they on whom are blessings and mercy from their Lord, and those are the followers of the right course.’’

You definitely want to be among the patient ones who will receive glad tidings, so why not hold on to the One Whose promise never fails and believe that there is good at the end of every affliction, He’s got you and He is definitely not trying to destroy you. The sooner you realise and admit this, the better you will feel. Severing ties with Allah during a difficult situation is not a good idea. But you could go from ‘’Why did He do this to me?’’ to ‘’I am sure He did this to me, at this time and in this form for a reason and of course, there is always wisdom behind His decisions.’’ Use your trying period as an opportunity to cement your relationship with Allah.

It might interest you to know that sometimes, Allah tests His servants in order to expiate their sins and raise their status. The Prophet (peace be upon him ) said ‘’No misfortune or disease befalls a Muslim, no worry or grief or harm or distress- not even a thorn that pricks him- but Allah will expiate for some of his sins because of that.’’ [Bukhari, 5641]

Also, Allah, may He be exalted, can afflict a believer with calamity as a way of requital of sin and immediate punishment in this world. In Surat Shura, verse 30, Allah says ‘’And whatever of misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your hands have earned. And He pardons much.’’

Imam Ahmad recorded that A’ishah (May Allah be pleased with her) said ‘’The Messenger of Allah said: if a person commits many sins and has nothing that will expiate them, Allah will test him with some grief that will expiate for them.’’

If you are currently having it rough, remember that He only tests those He loves and you just never know, passing the test might lead you to Jannah. Don’t despise your Lord, for He knows best and always wants the best for you.