Verse of the Day



Allah says in Quran: “Indeed, I am Allah . There is no deity except Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance.” – [20:14]


This is the real object of Salat. It has been prescribed to remind people that they should not become neglectful of Allah by worldly diversions and that they should remember that man is not an unbridled free being but a servant of Allah. Salat has been prescribed five times a day to remind man of Allah’s presence.

Some people are of the opinion that it means: “Establish Salat, so that I may remember you.”

Incidentally, according to this verse, if one forgets to offer a prayer in time, one should offer it when one recollects it. This is also supported by a tradition related by Hadrat Anas: “If one forgets to offer a certain prayer at the proper time, he should offer it whenever he recollects this; for there is no other expiation for this omission.” (Bukhari, Muslim, Ahmed). There is another tradition related by Abu Hurairah to the same effect. It was inquired from the Holy Prophet: “What should we do if we remained asleep during the time of prayer?” The Holy Prophet said, “There is no sin if one remained asleep. The sin is that one should neglect one’s prayer intentionally while awake. Therefore if one forgets to offer a prayer or remained asleep one should offer that prayer on remembering it or on awaking.” (Tirmizi, Nasa’i, Abu Da’ud).