Verse of the Day

If all the trees in the earth were to become pens and the ocean (an ink pot) which is replenished with ink by seven more oceans, (the writing of) Allah’s Words would trot exhaust.
Surah Luqman V27

Tafsir of the above verse

Allah’s Words”: Allah’s creative works and the manifestations of His power and wisdom. This very theme has been presented in Surah AI-Kahf: l above a little differently. A person might think there is exaggeration in this. but if one considers the matter a little deeply, one will feel that there is in tact no exaggeration whatever in it. AII the pens that can be made from the trees of the world and all the ink that can be provided by the oceans of the world, which are replenished by seven more oceans, cannot perhaps help prepare a complete list of all the creations in the universe, not to speak of all the manifestations of Allah’s power and wisdom and creative works. When it is impossible even to count all the things found on the earth only, how can one bring into writing all the creations found in this limitless universe?

Here, the object is to make man realize that no creature can become a deity and an associate in the works of Allah. Who has brought into being such a vast Universe, Who is administering its affairs and Whose powers and resources are limitless. Not to speak of becoming an associate in the administration of this vast Kingdom, it is not within the power of any creation to obtain a mere nodding acquaintance with the minutest portion of it. How can then one imagine that one or the other creation can have any share in the Divine powers and authority on the basis of which it may answer prayers and make or un-make destinies?