*How Islam describes sex* *TAKE YOUR TIME AND GO THROUGH IT. It adds knowledge to those who have more and enlighten others as well*

We Rarely hear Of Sex being talked about By our Alims and Scholars out Of *SHYNESS or its SENSITIVITY.*


This is an Important Topic in our lives as *MUSLIMS.* Insha Allahu, we will leave out Shyness and Enlighten ourselves on this


First of all, *The only QUALIFICATION or CERTIFICATE for sex is MARRIAGE.*


*Any Sex out of Marriage is ZINA except with whom your RIGHT Hand possess.*


Being an Adult doesn’t Mean Sex is your Right except Marriage which is the *Only Rightful platform for HALAL SEX*


*Now How Are We to sex our Wives according to SUNNAH ?*


*The Prophet (saw) is reported by Anas bin Malik to Have said ;*


One of you should not fulfill ones (sexual) need from ones wife like an *ANIMAL rather there should be between them FOREPLAY of kissing and words.*


*Sex without Foreplay is Equated to CRUELTY. It is the way of Animals*.


The Wife also has some needs to be fulfilled. This is where *Caressing, Kissing, Sucking the Nipples, Stimulating The Breasts, Fingering* and the Likes come in.

This is what Foreplay Means


But Bare in mind That *ANAL SEX (penetration through the ANUS) is highly forbidden in Islam.*


*ORAL SEX (Licking the Sex organs) is undesired and Disliked but not HARAM.*

Oral sex Health-wise could be Dangerous sometimes.


Women have *Active and unharmful VAGINAL bacterials and a Natural pH* within their genitals which makes it Not Sound to be licked by the Tongue or Kissed.


This Varies from Woman to Woman regarding the Nature and Hygiene Levels.


*Fellatio/Fellacio or Sucking of the Male genital by the Woman* is also considered Unharmful by Medical practitioners and Acceptable in Islam although opinions Vary in this Regard.


*BATHING AND BEING CLEAN* is the first thing to consider before carrying on with it.

*Personal Health and Hygiene conditions also counts.*


*SEX during the Menstruation period of a Woman is HARAM to the highest level.*


*Sex positions are Also allowed so Far as penetration is in the VAGINA. The doggy, spooning, missionary position* and others are all Allowed.


*There are no Rules as to how foreplay is to be done.* The only laws are the ones reached by the *LOVERS*


*THE only general rules are those that go against the SHARIAH rules, which goes against wishes of the Husband or the Wife.*


*As for the Role of A woman in sexual Foreplay, SCHOLARS have praised a Woman who discards Shyness when she is with Her HUSBAND.*


*Imam Muhammad al Baqir says;*


The Best Woman Among You is the one who discards the *ARMOR of Shyness when with Her Husband and puts on the ARMOR of shyness* when she dresses up.


*If you are a Malama, when it comes to that, Forget about Your “Malama things” and OPEN FIRE*


Don’t come near your Husband with *”HIJAB or NIQAB”* or some rough dressing.


At that moment those are indecent.


*”DRESS TO KILL”* your husband.


*Dresses which exposed your Breasts, Your Backside Shape,* *Transparent dresses and Tight dresses*


After all, Modesty and Chastity in public is the Hallmark of Muslim lady not In her Husbands Room.


All these Sayings show that, the *Husband and Wife Should feel completely free when they are engaged in Mutual Stimulation or FOREPLAY.*


Wives Should not Just lie down like *”A piece of WOOD”* but Must be Responsive in Foreplay.


*Make Your Husband Enjoy The Woman* in you and He will not Go Chasing Others.


*Likewise is not Recommended to rush in Sex. Mutual pleasure and Satisfaction are also important.*


*The Shariah Allows lovers to see, Touch, Smell or Kiss any part of the body.* Oral sex is also allowed although Disliked.


*Some Restrictions in SEX according to Shariah*


*Anal sex is HARAM.* *My Brother don’t go there at all, The front side is enough.*


Sex During Menstrual period. This is also *HARAM to the Highest* extent. Q2:222.

And you can meet your wife anytime of the day, be it morning, afternoon, evening and night.Q2:223.

Do you know it’s an act of Ibadah which mean you will be rewarded the more you do it.




SOURCE: Mallam Audu

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