Abdul Wahab bin Zain Al-Abidin Al-Shaibi, is the 78th caretaker of Kaaba from the same family

By Ajape Sefiu A.

Saudi Arabia has announced Abdul Wahab bin Zain Al Abidin Al Shaibi as the new chief key holder of the Holy Kaaba, according to a post via X on Monday, June 24, by an official handle, Inside the Haramain.

This came following the announcement on June 22 of the passing of Sheikh Saleh Al Shaibi, the 109th successor to the companion Uthman ibn Talha and the 109th guardian of the Kaaba.

Recall that 3sixtyIslam also reported the passing of the 77th caretaker and chief key holder of the Kaaba from the same family, Sheikh Saleh Al-Shaibi, who passed away on Saturday, June 22.

Sheikh Saleh Al-Shaibi took over as the caretaker of the Kaaba in 2013.

The family has been serving as caretakers of the Kaaba for centuries, and Al-Shaibi was the 77th caretaker from the same family.

A university professor, Al-Shaibi, held a doctorate in Islamic studies and authored books on religion and history.

Meanwhile, the newly appointed chief key holder of Kaaba, reacting, said, “May God grant me success in carrying out this duty under the government of the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince.”

It is customary to hand over the key of the Kaaba to the eldest in the family. His first task will be to hand over the Kiswah of the Kaaba and dress it on the first of Muharram.

The family has been responsible for managing the affairs of the Kaaba, including cleaning, washing, ironing, and repairing its Kiswa (cover) if it is torn. They also receive visitors and handle all related tasks.

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