People can enter Hellfire through three doors: the door of doubts, which leads to hesitation in ALLAH’s religion, the door of lusts, which leads to preferring desires over Allah’s obedience, and the door of fury, which leads to aggression against HIS creation.
The sources of every sin are three matters: arrogance which caused Satan to behave the way he did, greed which caused Aadam to be expelled from the garden, and envy which emboldened one of the sons of Aadam against his brother.
He who protects himself from these three matters will be protected from evil. Unbelief comes from arrogance, disobedience comes from greed, and transgression and injustice come from envy. Abdullah ibn Mas’ud reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “He will not enter Hellfire who has the weight of a seed of faith in his heart and he will not enter Paradise who has the weight of a seed of arrogance in his heart.” Sahih Muslim 91.
May ALLAH have mercy on us all and protect us from such satanic influences. Aameen.
Reference: Sheikh Ibn Al-Qayyim

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    We were going to relax at the dacha with my old friend and his girlfriend (we have known him for a long time) the day turned out to be wonderful, the weather, barbecue, beer and other joys of a summer holiday. We were four.
    HAHAHAHAHA Verka and I laughed …
    With a cry, they fell on Ivan, who was just standing in the water, and Vicki, who was sitting on his shoulders. They both fell into the water, Vicki’s glasses flew off and were already somewhere at the bottom. Vika jumped out of the water in a rage.
    – Hey. Well, if you haven’t changed your mind, shall we go to the room? – said the man of my dreams, trying not to betray his embarrassment. I saw a boy in him.
    His heart was beating faster, he turned her face to him with his palm and greedily dug into her lips. So greedy that it seemed that this kiss would last longer than any sex in adult films. Her body was covered with goosebumps that were pleasant to the point of pain, her heart was pounding furiously, and her lower abdomen ached pleasantly. Fear vanished, she madly wanted him.
    I writhed in pain. Mooed until he finished. His warm liquid spilled into all internal organs. It seems that he then fucked me in the pussy. I do not remember.
    This day broke my whole life for me, after it for many years, day after day, I remember this event, which there was not a day that I did not regret. And it all happened because of my own stupidity. Celebrating my husband’s birthday, I saw how he escorted his cousin to the exit, whom he kissed on the cheek when he opened the door.

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    You opened the door and hugged me tightly, and I whispered “Seryozha, I missed you so much …” and heard in response: “Me too, Svetik!” We went to the kitchen… And although I was here for the first time, I saw it in the photographs many times… in the middle there was a large table made of natural wood…
    “Ah… well, yes. That’s the thing,” she hesitated. “Inna has a problem”
    Wow, what a big one you have.
    Don’t ever worry about it, I love you mom.
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    Let’s sit in a circle, pour me some champagne! Vera said, pulling Sasha’s sleeve.
    Your girlfriend is doing well) Although you are certainly out of competition!
    Faith again sat in the lotus position, while her pussy made a bubbling sound and even more flowed from it. I untied the bow on Vera’s back while she unhooked the garters of her stockings, helped to unlace them, after which she took off the corset over her head.
    So you will sit, shine your bodies, and then I will be tormented by cones.
    Don’t be jealous of him, she’s really weird. If they like it, then so be it. And I don’t know what I like, so let’s bring it up next time, okay?
    You opened the door and hugged me tightly, and I whispered “Seryozha, I missed you so much …” and heard in response: “Me too, Svetik!” We went to the kitchen… And although I was here for the first time, I saw it in the photographs many times… in the middle there was a large table made of natural wood…

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    and what? – come in and have a drink if you need one at a time …
    Excited, my brain almost didn’t work.
    Masha slept soundly, but in the morning it was not the alarm clock from the phone that woke her up, but a loud, screaming terrible voice from the other side of the room: “FATHER US! SAVE US! GO TO HELL, LET YOU SEE THE GARDEN OF EDEN!” I shouted a kind of prayer at the top of my throat. Realizing that something was wrong with me, Masha immediately ran up to Sveta and poured a couple of bream so that I would come to my senses. “LIGHT WHAT’S WITH YOU!” Masha shouted in an almost hysterical voice and with wet eyes. “W where am I?” I asked in a timid voice. “Is everything all right? Bring water?” Masha asked in a quiet tone. I continued to look around, still not realizing where I was. At that moment I felt a hand on my forehead: “You are sick. no classes today!” Masha said quietly calming down in an orderly tone. “How is it, the second day and right away?” Masha said in a whisper.
    A couple of days later, she called and offered to meet, asked to buy a bottle of white wine, and gave the address of her rented apartment. I, of course, gladly ran to her at full speed. On the way I bought wine as she ordered. Arriving at the address, I saw Sveta in shorts and a T-shirt. Not at all like that in the club, without catchy makeup, a completely different, simple girl. She said that she invited me because she liked how shy I was to look at her. In contrast to the club visitors who saw a thing in it. And she wanted to take a break from everything and chat with a simple, normal person. We talked for a long time while drinking wine, she talked a lot about herself, not hiding the most intimate and piquant details. Absolutely not embarrassed, their passions, needs and desires.
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    No, Kylie, are you crazy? but the girl had already crawled under the covers. She quickly found my erect cock and wrapped her lips around it, began to quickly suck Kylie, sweetie, stop. Come on, not now. I promise you that we will have sex a little later. Good?
    She shook, she squeezed my head with her feet, and pressed her hands to her, the vagina and ass began to throb. I continued to fuck her with my fingers trying to catch the rhythm and caress the clitoris with my tongue, and then sharply accelerated the movements with my fingers. Rita screamed, her vagina and anus tightened, she curled up, then abruptly straightened up. She finished for about 30 seconds. Then her vagina and ass relaxed, although sometimes they contracted, but less and less, she spread her legs, and I moved away from her. Her chest heaved heavily, she was still breathless, her legs spread wide.
    Stop it, honey, you’ll like it soon.
    M Come on, what are you. You want it, take it. Come on, don’t pull.
    But then she appeared. A chill immediately ran down my spine. For a whole year after graduation, a classmate named Yegor fucked her, and I just thought about how Natasha and I would build our beautiful future. Suddenly, at the beginning of the second year, she confessed everything to me, I became very sad and broke off our relationship with her.
    You have golden hands, Elizabeth, it was not in vain that you were recommended to me.

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    Who will you fuck there? Vera laughed under him, are you still early, are you a virgin?
    Very interesting taste. Not very pleasant, but not disgusting either. And very interesting.
    Professional reflex, nothing else. He took out his phone and with a flash took a good picture of the moment when she takes marijuana in her hands.
    No need. Don’t touch, she said softly, hide them behind your back.
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    How so?
    Look, to be honest, you always look very good and I even somehow get a little lost.
    In this position, her butt seemed even larger than usual. “What a full-bodied woman,” I thought. She, as if reading my thoughts, smiled somehow in a special way, without opening her eyes.

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    And you are a connoisseur of women’s fashion, she flexibly twisted, again becoming her back, but rather her ass: she arched a little, spreading her legs, so that although I didn’t see the excited pussy in the dark, I realized that she was “ready to eat”. “I’ll go and rummage in the closet and pick up something.”
    How is this why? He wanted to know if you were being fucked in the ass. the cork slipped inside the ass.
    The elevator took us to the 5th floor and we entered the apartment.
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    The button on the jeans did not give in immediately, but it did, it was up to the fly.
    Igor, confused, quickly went to his room, after a while he fell asleep, the rest of the days did not differ in anything unusual, the day before the trip, his father called Igor and Oksana to his office, his father sat at the table with a slight sadness, and looked at us who came to him.
    I didn’t answer, just hugged her tighter. The shock was not going to pass, it all resembled delirium. The goon dragged me along with him, roughly holding my elbow, out of the cubicle, past the sinks and urinals. A crowd of guys and men stood with phones, they all stared at me, their mouths open. Only then did I look down: the dress, folded into a thin strip of folds, hung at the waist, my tits were shaking as I walked, my pussy was completely naked. Fuck no… Covering my face with one hand, I tried to put the fabric back in place with the other. It was possible to cover the slit, but it was impossible to put on the straps. We went out into the corridor, people in it watched with interest how a disheveled whore was being taken out of the men’s toilet, desperately covering her breasts with her hands. The bully turned the other way, back from the main hall, through the service door and to another.
    “Guys, how can I thank you?”
    When their Vika, together with Vano, was pushed into the water, he, already accustomed to not closing his eyes under water, saw in various poses how Ira fell and somersaulted in the water. Ass and bare one breast. She quickly corrected and it was clear that she did not see that Slava saw her. When they were thrown off, Slava managed to grab something from Ira, and he succeeded.
    Oleg listen, can I ask you a favor?

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    After dinner, Olya and I lay down and had marital sex, then walked around the city. In the evening Volodya came in and flogged Olenka naked on our matrimonial bed. She shook him vigorously. “Let’s leave and everything will be forgotten,” I thought, looking at them. The next day, warming was not promised, and we agreed to go to the forest. After breakfast, Volodya was waiting for us with some guy.
    A young magician, experimenting, activates a powerful spell. Unleashed magical powers destroy the caster’s body and tear apart his very essence. But then they gather it together again and place it in a new body, the body of a seductive demoness. The magician manages to retain his self-awareness, but in doing so, he loses most of his memory. Shortly thereafter, he begins to be overwhelmed by the desires inherent in female demons. The former magician is unable to resist them…
    I put on black stockings, a skirt that was even shorter than the one in which I met him, plaid, like American schoolgirls. She wore a white shirt with short sleeves. She put on latex gloves. I took some lube and put it on my hole. I just stood in front of the mirror, only I saw how my fingers enter the ass. Having fucked myself a little with two fingers, I decided to go to him. I took the simulator, lube and left the bathroom.
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    Hmm… baby, you didn’t lie to me, you really are a virgin. I am glad that today I will break your hymen and you will understand that all this time you have not fucked in vain, because this is a sweet pleasure.
    1. Once is definitely not enough for me.
    “You see the difference. How Rita walks, as if in clothes. And you are trying to hide your chest. Don’t hide it! You need to show such breasts! Walk again!”
    That’s exactly what I did. Gradually, we began to fuck no more than twice a week. However, the likelihood of the fantasy being realized was still small. Maybe I can do something else for this? For example, to encourage her to wear short and open dresses, skirts and blouses more often. I said that they suit her … And I began to give gift cards more often.
    I unbuttoned my pants, pulled them down to my ankles, then put my underpants there. My penis “escaped” out. I opened my head and looked at Galya. She, smiling, jokingly covered her face with her hands, as if “embarrassed.” Then she removed them.

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    Panties pull off me and slide down my legs. “Spread your buttocks with your hands” quietly sounds the order. I perform by exposing the pink ring of my anus.
    Apparently Artyom caught the pheromones of his girlfriend lying next to him in a dream, because he woke up already with a strong boner. Not resisting instinct, he began to pester the girl. The alarm clock meant that the student had to get ready for classes, but she could not leave her boyfriend, and herself, without morning sex. Without much prelude, Artem put the girl in a knee-elbow position and, having settled down from behind, began to actively fuck her quickly wet cunt.
    Chris, where’s your towel? he asked without hiding anything.
    Aunt Ira masturbated my penis for a long time and confidently, running her large warm palm either along the trunk or along the testicles. Sometimes one of her fingers went down and lower and she, as if by chance, thrust it into my ass.
    Thank you, I don’t drink without expecting this, Oksana said, trying to refuse the offered drink.
    Bitch! Will you ever shut up?! Oravan shouted furiously at her. Your squeals hurt your head, you stupid shrew! Why did I just sign up for this ride again?

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    After a shower, Natasha, not embarrassed by her neighbor, entered the room naked and took off her best panties from the clothesline. She and Lisa lived together in the same room from the 1st year, and they developed a very trusting relationship.
    In the ass, Galya whispered. “Just spit on him.”
    “How do you?”
    A couple of hours later, her brother came, who was also well acquainted with me, and who also began to reassure me, saying that maybe I had greatly exaggerated this relationship, then he immediately said that, of course, this cannot be forgiven, but if this is really so, what I was even more neurotic, and I even more wanted to drink and forget this whole nightmare.
    yes, you can – shyly said the guy.
    Yeah, I laughed too.

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    “Get up.”
    Do you want to consolidate your successes? he smiled.
    Well… my belt.
    To be continued…
    M Have you been with a boyfriend before?
    There were two reasons for this. Firstly, ambitions – it seemed to me that remaining a virgin after coming of age was not prestigious and even indecent. Secondly, as I understand now, years later, by nature I was given a rather high libido, which already imperiously demanded full realization.
    Very nice and comfortable, – Olya noted, hugging herself by the shoulders, – only cold.

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    Without closing the penis completely, I gently moved my fingers along the trunk, she completely stood up almost immediately and I felt like he was filled with blood, and with each spasm the head increased more and more. With my other hand, I stroked her buttock, which either tense or relaxed, and Anyuta slightly moved her hips back and forth, although at the same time she still squatted slightly, because the penis was already standing and looked almost vertically up. Flying away in my thoughts, I decided that come what may, moving a little closer to the edge of the sofa, I grabbed the hand that was stroking her buttocks – all at once the whole ass. Running my hand up and down several times, I pressed my hand to the ass and tried to stop her movements, at the same time stopping masturbating. With my index finger, which was on top of the penis, I directed it down a little, felt a slight resistance and saw another surge and how the head swelled again.
    Now you’ll lick me, ”said the wife, taking off her panties.
    Why Kylie, why not me? Leah was outraged.
    Severe preparations began for a night trip to the sea for the sake of night sex in the warm waves of the Sea of \u200b\u200bAzov. Or Black. Depending on where I want to turn at the exit of the yards.
    While we were driving, a girl of about 20 sat down opposite me. She was wearing a beige down jacket, a scarf around her neck, on her legs were black, shiny leather pants that tightly fit her and high-heeled boots. She had long hair down to her chest. She sat quietly and stared at her phone. Her beautiful face with southern features was illuminated by the phone. The rest of the way I could not fall asleep, as I constantly noticed her eyes on me. Surprisingly, she rode like me to the final. When the train began to approach the station, we got up and lined up at the exit. The girl was in front of me. The train stopped abruptly, because of which I flew forward and touched her ass with my palm, which turned out to be very soft and elastic. The girl did not react to this. Apparently this happens to her all the time. When people started to leave, someone pushed me and I fell straight to the ground, catching her with me, she only managed to turn around and see how I was falling on her. My hand accidentally touched her crotch in front. I came across something hard and protruding, squeezing a little, I found that it was something of some strange shape. Standing up abruptly, I apologized and helped her up. There was surprise on her face, as if I had discovered her secret. When she got up she said to me:
    I… I… I… I’ll fuck her! barely breathing squeezed out Sasha.

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    He helped me get to the car, kissed me goodbye and ran without saying a word to the approaching bus. I even felt somehow offended, like this, to leave without saying a word after all that had happened. I sat in the car for a long time, came to my senses. But then I get a text message. It was a text message from him.
    Everything inside me went cold. I’ve heard many stories about how it hurts.
    But it was not there. Dominating in physical strength, I was satisfied, justifying myself by the fact that I did not start it, that is, it was my own fault, bitch.
    The crawl girl immediately noticed her favorite treat. She bent down and began to pluck it. Hunger cramped my stomach. She was really very hungry. And these plants were so delicious. And there were a lot of them! Getting down on all fours, Ilva plucked several plants and greedily stuffed them into her mouth. Hunger turned her into a savage. She crawled on all fours and picked plants, quickly chewed them and immediately put new ones in her mouth. Eldas stood behind the Rabbit and looked at her. She was so hungry and engrossed in the process of eating plants that she did not even notice her loincloth pulled up. The half-elf’s gaze opened up to her small, tender pussy, with gently pink labia, around which thick and smooth hair grew. Eldas quietly watched as the Rabbit slowly moved her hips while plucking plants. The crossbowman got a member. He looked around. Silence. There is no one nearby. And the rabbit woman, in fact, is already a slave. An unwilling being. Thing! Eldas quietly approached from behind and knelt behind her. Carried away by plants, the Rabbit did not even hear this. The elf-man dropped his pants and aimed the head of his cock at Hare’s vagina. She did not immediately understand what was happening. Only when the member of Eldas went into her almost half, she screamed and tried to crawl away. But in vain. The crossbowman held her tightly by the hips, slowly pushing her slightly wet pussy onto his cock. Ylva had only a few seconds to get out, such is the nature of Rabbits, they are ideal victims for sexual maniacs. Ylva tried to crawl away or roll over, but Eldas firmly fixed her, pressing her to him. The rabbit abruptly ceased to resist. Her mind was in a fog, and a pleasant warmth enveloped her relaxed body, like a gentle airy embrace that caressed her all over. The half-elf continued to hold the Rabbit tightly without making frictions. He understood that the main thing was that she felt his penis inside herself. And then she froze. Eldas waited a couple more seconds until he felt with his cock that juices began to flow out of Ilvina’s pussy.
    The father-in-law’s 50th birthday was celebrated in a local restaurant by four: we and the mother-in-law with the father-in-law. My wife doesn’t like to wear underwear, I don’t mind it. That evening she was in good shape and on the dance patch was the center of attention of all the men in the hall.
    So no. – he said. – And this is how it can be.
    – Spread it out.
    Spring. It’s time to plant potatoes. The mother-in-law, for nothing that she lives alone, keeps cattle, which must be fed and fed. And what to feed? The stump is clear: potatoes. No wonder it is called the second bread. So he is gaining land unmeasured. At least it seemed to me that a hectare, no less. He took them all, planters, gardeners, with some seeds. All that at once will not drag my old UAZ, although some call it a pill, some a banana, and some a bench.

  13. EarleStync says

    Thank you again for bringing it, you yourself are not in a hurry?
    My aunt was standing next to the bed. Her breasts turned out to be even smaller than it seemed to the touch, and her nipples, indeed, seemed to swell. Below her belly dark red vegetation.
    Naza screamed in pain, it seemed to her that they were trying to stick a huge log into her holes. This was especially true of the “club” of the berserker. She begged to stop it and fuck her at least one by one. The men gave up after a few minutes. Nasa couldn’t get to her feet. Her body hurt terribly, and intimate holes burned with fire. She couldn’t stop crying in pain. Oravan slapped her ass hard with his hand. The short girl howled in pain. A pink mark immediately appeared on her buttock. Gorr sat down in front of her and planted Naza’s mouth on his cock, almost breaking her jaw. But things did not go beyond the head, for which he gave the shrew a light, as it seemed to him, slap in the face. The girl fell, losing consciousness. The men offendedly carried Naz to the cage. Oravan put Rabbit Ylva on her knees and forced her to suck his cock. Gorr went to the adjacent cell to Panther Rarra. Rarra was a little offended by the berserker because he agreed to fuck that shrew in the morning. But now, in anticipation of his big cock, she gracefully knelt down on all fours and lifted her ponytail. Gorr quickly entered the panther woman’s pussy, causing her to moan loudly from the first penetration. He fucked her so hard and fast that after a couple of minutes he filled her vagina to the brim with his sperm. Panther languidly purred lying on the floor. From what he saw, Oravan was very excited and pressing the Rabbit’s face to his groin, sending a member deep into her throat, he also finished.
    Here, perhaps, it is worth saying a few words about the fact that for several months, about 4 or 5, I have not masturbated at all, well, such a kind of marathon. I had sex quite regularly, but for some reason I decided to stop with masturbation, a kind of experiment, can you imagine what was happening to me?
    I got out of bed. On the one hand, I was ashamed, after all, Tanya was the wife of my father. On the other hand, I really wanted to sleep next to her. Maybe I can touch her ass or legs a little. And if you’re lucky, maybe for the chest. I put on shorts and went into my father and stepmother’s room. Tanya lay on the bed, covered with a thin blanket almost to her head. I lay down nearby.
    What, good? Do you like it? Or are you just talking out of hunger?
    Then, Lena pushed me away and started licking my mom herself. Also, she ordered:
    EEEM… For YOU!

  14. EarleStync says

    Sashka had already managed to blush and did his best to pretend that he did not see anything and does not see anything.
    You know, I feel like I’m eighteen and on a date.
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    “You just finished with our help! I was already in your panties. And you held my pussy in your mouth! And most importantly, you liked it all,” I pressed.
    I woke up at dawn. There was no one else in the bedroom. But in the hall where there were dances yesterday, some kind of laughter, friendly laughter was heard. In general, this is the picture: the boys, and there were about eight or nine of them, they are all completely naked at the dinner table, drinking tea, eating something, and cutting cards, and under the table my Lyudmilka, proud in life, and that no less than all of them in turn diligently sucks !!!, while at the same time jerking someone else in the neighborhood with their free hands (for sure, they poured something).
    Then I felt two more hands on my waist, and as the penis began to enter my pussy from behind again, I began to reluctantly break out, because I wanted to finish the job with the end of the blowjob, especially since I heard the guy constantly uttering moaning from time to time , come on Nastya, come on a little more… Come on, sweetie, just a little… He so tenderly asked me to continue, and so rudely planted my head with his hands on his penis to the very balls that I could not stop the process, and meanwhile in a much larger cock entered my pussy than the one that I sucked … it was so huge that I thought it was probably a member of some kind of black man … not otherwise … after about three minutes, finally, the guy began to cum in my mouth .. there was quite a lot of sperm, besides it was delicious, I greedily swallowed it … but still some of it leaked through my lips … Then he took out a penis and began to smear the sperm over my lips and face, and sentenced Nastya honey… then he handed me a towel and said to dry off…
    Well, okay, maybe first in the shower …
    Sashenka, we are starting a new life, and we don’t give a damn about old sins and forget.

  15. EarleStync says

    – And how old is Ira?
    Of course, we didn’t go through this for a long time, she constantly looked at my body, and I looked at her, unable to look away. A few hours later she began to clear the table, and I came up behind her and hugged her, enjoying the touch on her naked body. My dick touched her ass, or rather part of a little higher, she moaned softly and turned to face me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and touched my cheek with her face, how tender she was … Then she rose on her toes, I bowed my head, and she barely perceptibly, touching my ear with her lips, whispered:
    Natasha felt that Artyom gently but confidently pressed on her shoulders, and correctly understanding the signal, she knelt down in front of him. With skill, the girl unbuttoned his pants, took out an already erect penis and, without hesitation, began to suck.
    They fiddled a little more, then Nikolai lay down on Olenka and began to push his club into her. The member was really big, it was hard to believe that he would enter Olya. But he entered up to the very balls, and Nikolai began to move him in Olenka more and more energetically. Olya moaned and, judging by the sounds she made, she came twice. Finally, Nikolai also let go in convulsions.
    “Rita, massage your breasts.” Rita took her breasts in her hands and lifted her breasts, then ran her fingers around the nipples. “That’s it, don’t be shy. Your breasts are just beautiful, and if there is a reason, don’t be shy.”
    Is this a hint to take in your mouth? Tatiana drawled thoughtfully.

  16. EarleStync says

    Moreover, he passes by his son-in-law in this form, well, he could not restrain himself, he grabbed just by the crotch, grabbed this mound in his palm, squeezed it. She brought her legs together, slapped me on the arm, they say, it’s not time, they say, later. And when later? When will everyone be at home? No, honey, get naked now. And pulled her out onto the veranda. There is a sofa there, on which in the summer, when it’s hot, I spend the night.
    When I saw the beauty of Olya, I was even more aroused. Her crotch was perfectly clean-shaven, and it was a pleasure to caress such a beauty.
    Well, show me, or chickened out?
    The next day, it was Sunday, Pasha showed up at ten in the morning and fucked Verochka. That day he came three more times. Sex problems for Vera were resolved for a long time, which made me very happy.
    All the way to my Boy, Oleg held his hand between my legs, caressing through my panties … In the end, traces of my juices began to remain on the gear lever, soaking the fabric through and through. Then she barely drove the car home.
    The chef turned off the dildo.
    Sasha let’s sit for another 10 minutes and go?

  17. EarleStync says

    Then we went back to the lawn. Rita made me change my shorts for swim shorts. When they lay down, she suggested a game: they kiss me in turn with Inna, and whoever does better wins and makes a wish.
    A call to a flimsy door. A lanky brother with unshaven stubble opened up to me.
    After a couple, the whole group poured out into the corridor, a big break began. Olka went to the toilet with her friend, and I went outside to smoke and think about what I saw. Natalie caught up with me on the stairs. “Well, how do you like my pussy?” she asked me in a languid voice that I had not noticed before. “What was that anyway, you don’t fucking do?” I told her in response. “You know, a single woman never gives a shit. Would you like to see and try everything with my body? Believe me, it will be super, at least better than with your bitch!” “But, but! Don’t talk too much. Just because you’re lonely and itchy, it doesn’t mean that others have the same thing. As for the bitch, you’re probably going to be bitcher than her,” I told her. “Well, fuck me like your bitch, you’ll be fine. Well, okay, you think, I’m not rushing you, but today I’ll find someone more accommodating!” she blurted out and went downstairs. That recess I smoked three cigarettes in a row.
    I murmured vaguely.
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    Take off my panties.
    I will never come to you again. What are you doing? Oh!.. Ohh!.. Ma ma!.. Mommy and!.. Oum m!.. More!
    Not a … Panties may not be needed – are we at sea? Just in case, I put my bathing suit in my purse.
    I walked closer to her and ripped off my pants.

  18. EarleStync says

    “Your nipples are visible, where is the bra?” he asked a little jealously.
    A pleasant stay is always in sanatoriums. Euphoria and courage accompany all procedures and pleasant minutes of being there.
    Seryozha said. Without understanding what is happening here.
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