Saudi Arabia authorities announced on Sunday morning that only 60,000 pilgrims in total will be allowed to perform Hajj rites for the year 2021 (1442AH).

In a press release on Sunday morning by the governing body of the two holy masjids, Haramain; it said “only 60,000 pilgrims in total for all countries to perform Hajj rituals for this year 2021 / 1442

“45,000 pilgrims from outside KSA will be allocated and 15,000 from inside KSA

“An entire 9 page document has been released with all the necessary information.”

Earlier in March, the authorities had announced that only pilgrims who have taken two doses of the COVID19 vaccine will be allowed to perform the Hajj rites and that all activities will be performed with strict adherence to COVID19 protocols.

The following are the main conditions provided by The Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that must be met by Hajj pilgrims for year 2021 (1442AH)

1) Only 60,000 Hujjaj will be scheduled to perform Hajj this year which included local and foreign pilgrims.

2) Those performing Hajj MUSTbe between the age of 18-60 years of age.

3) Those performing Hajj must be in a good state of health.

4) Those performing Hajj must not have been hospitalized for any illness within the past 6 months prior to travelling for Hajj. (Proof is required).

5) The pilgrims must have both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine with a Vaccination Card provided by the individual countries Health Organization/Hospital/Ministry (Proof is required)

6) The vaccine taken must be on the approved list that is recognised by the Ministry of Health within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

7) The pilgrim must Quarantine for 3 days if they are classed as foreign pilgrims as soon as they arrive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

8) The 1st dose of the vaccine must have been taken latest by the 1st Shawwal 1442.

9) The 2nd dose of the vaccine must be taken by the 14th day before arriving within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

10) The conditions of Social Distancing and the wearing of Mask and other precautionary measures will continue to protect pilgrims.

The Press Statement