Islam is a religion that forbids immoral behaviours and attitudes among the Muslim and enjoin moral values that prevents ill vices in the society.

Honesty is one of those moral values that all Muslims should possess and deal with everyone with honesty. Honesty is a great virtue in Islam such that the Prophet (S.A.W) was nicknamed Al-Amin because of his honest behaviour even before he became a messenger of Allah.

Honesty is defined as saying the truth without changing it. It means to do what you say and that all your deeds are identical to all your sayings. Honesty and truthfulness are considered the weapons of the believers in the battle against the falsehood on earth. They are the merits of those who believe in Allah (SWT) as th only God to be worshipped and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.  

 Honesty always gives strength, reassurance, and self-confidence to the honest person, unlike the liar who always feels afraid of being disclosed and despised by people when they find out his/her reality.

The Arabic word for honesty is “al Amanah” which means trustworthy.  That is to give people their rights and to render back the belongings that are kept with you and to keep these rights for them.  

“Truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to Paradise.  In addition, a man keeps on telling the truth until he becomes a truthful person.  Falsehood leads to wickedness and evil-doing, and wickedness leads to the (Hell) Fire, and a man may keep on telling lies till he is written before God, as a liar”. (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

Prophet Muhammad warned us of the dangers inherent in dishonesty, and the benefits of living in an honest way.  He said:

The virtue that should be seen from a Muslim all the time is honesty and not dishonesty as it is forbidden by the religion and damages relationships.

May Allah grant us good behaviours and perfect our affairs… Aamin