Allah S.W.T created heaven and Earth and all that’s in both in twos. He created goodness and evil, sadness and happiness above all love and hatred.

We believe love conquers all and you will be amazed when Allah has promised to love us by just engaging in a single act. Is it not amazing that it is coming from your creator that he loves those that turn to him and purify themselves.

Isn’t it a big bonus for us, just clean yourself and get automatic love from Allah. How wonderful is that to show the unending mercy of Allah. Apart from the fact that purifying ourselves has nothing to do with Allah’s well being but our own well being.

It can be tracked to Allah tieing the fact to the act that obedient people who follow His guidelines will be loved and saved from His punishment.

Allah has commanded us to purify ourselves from unchaste appearance and physical impurities also inwardly from the unpardonable sin of associating partner with Him as well as disease of the heart like envy,pride, hatred, and arrogance.

By remembering Allah and purifying ourselves we become worthy of Allah’s love in this world and hereafter.

The Qur’an verse below testifies to the act to earn the love of Allah.

“Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean.” (Soorat Al-Baqarah, 2:222)