How to Make Quran Learning Effective For Kids

How to Make Quran Learning Effective For Kids


The Holy Quran comes with an exalted status in lives of each and every Muslims, as it was uncovered upon our dearest messenger, Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and it comprises of endless lessons of the religion Islam that are an incredible wellspring of edification to enhancing the life of every person. Because of its noteworthy position in Islam, the person who remembers it likewise has an awesome status among the believers of Islam (adherents of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)). He is that one person who recalls Quranic lessons as well as fills in as a method for teaching kids.


Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) stated: “The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others.” (Bukhari)


Here I have some tips that you can follow in order to make the learning of the Holy Quran effective for your kids. Please have a look at them:



The rank of educators in every honorable religion is quite high this is why we have to treat them with extraordinary regard, and this is why they have known a great source of motivation in dynamic countries. They appreciate high status; it likewise expands their parts and duties. Furthermore, with regards to the Holy Quran mentors, they are significantly more close to clutch their obligations because they play out the calling of the Messengers, for example, lecturing the guidelines given by the Lord to other people.



Kids are naturally more influenced by their Parents than anyone else. This is why it is the duty of the Parents to maintain few things in order to make the learning of the Quran easy for their children. You must take care of your kid’s sanitation and tutoring etiquettes.



It is clearly said that those who pray together stay together. So you must make this habit and recite the Holy Quran with your kids’ every day as it is psychologically proved that kids learn by modeling so when parents have a habit of reciting the Quran daily, they are followed by Children in an effective manner.



In order to make the learning of the Holy Quran more effective, you must pay regular attention to it and revise the Holy Quran on a daily basis. When you make this a habit of revising the Quran daily, so it gets easier for the Kids to remember it! This step is the most important of them all, and it makes everything only better.


In a nutshell, learning the Holy Quran is not as difficult as it seems. Follow the above-written tips and keep encouraging your child. This will not just help you but will make the overall task of learning the Quran more effective.