Agemo; and the Violation of Human right…


Agemo; and the Violation of Human Right…


As it is the yearly tradition, the office of the Awujale has rolled out its public announcement to the general public on the Agemo movement from July 2nd 2018, to Imosan-Ijebu from their respective routes in some towns in Ijebu axis of Ogun State.


One of the main criteria of this festival is its outright law  forbidding women or ladies to sight any of these Agemo masquarades from their respective routes to their final destination at Imosan-Ijebu.

The routes as listed but not limited to the followings:

Epe/Ijebu Ode route, Isiwo/Ijebu Ode route, Ijebu Imusin/Ijebu Ode route, Ago-Iwoye/Ijebu Ode route, Odogbolu/Ijebu Ode route etc

‘’Therefore, women/ladies are seriously advised and warned to restrict their movement from 12noon upward on these routes on the date stated above to avoid any calamity.’’


It is highly sad and barbaric to have such glaring violation of human rights in broad daylight in this age and century.

It is learned that activities in  Ijebuland are usually  temporarily suspended as educational, religious, social and economic activities were paralysed during the annual Agemo Festival.  This infringement will see students deserting their lectures, just to comply with this rule, even the religious activities in mosques and churches beginning from 4.00pm daily are not spared as movement is also restricted for women and ladies within the hours Agemo worshippers performed their rites.

Why in God’s name should the practice of one “religion’ affect and disturb others in daily activities, not for one day but days.

Even innocent travelers could fall victim, as not everyone will be duly aware of this.  This is an open call to all the parties involved, security agencies and government alike to see to it that no practice of any such bearing harmful or life threatening event should be made to run, if at all it must continue, there should be a modification, where every member of the public is safe and free to move around as entrenched in the Nigerian constitution.

We say no to this clear violation of human rights.