Random Acts of Kindness In Ramadan

Random Acts of Kindness In Ramadan


The one thing which is on the priority list of Muslims when the month of Ramadan arrives is the arrangement for Suhoor and Iftaar meals and how they are going to distribute the time of the day in prayers and performing daily chores. Thus, this notion gets propagated among Muslims, and thus they never get out of these two things throughout Ramadan, which in actual is undermining the true potential of the Holy Month of Ramadan.


Ramadan is much more than just fasting and prayer. Even if it is just fasting and prayers, both of them have far reaching effects then just feeling of hunger and thirst and praying for reward. Ramadan is to bring a change in the personality and conduct of a person for the better. One such acts or a characteristic attribute that Ramadan propagates and tries to initiate in people is kindness.


Ramadan Acts of Kindness


Being kind is one of the major preaching of Islam and it wants it follower to indulge in acts of kindness whether they are in routine on regular bases or if they are just random acts of kindness. Moreover, these deeds in Ramadan come with reward and that reward gets multiplied many times in the month of Ramadan, hence, for Muslims it is imperative to undertake acts of kindness during Ramadan to ensure that the month is celebrated in the spirit is supposed to be celebrated. The lines below give some acts of kindness that you as a Muslim can incorporate in your dealings during Ramadan, which if practiced regularly can become a part of your life even after Ramadan.


Intend To Be Kind:


The first step that you can take towards being kind in Ramadan is intend to be kind. Being kind is an act and it requires demonstration, however, like every other act you have to intend for it to happen, meaning that it cannot happen out of the blue. Therefore, pertaining to kindness in Ramadan, you will have to make an intention before the month starts that you are going to increase the acts of kindness and in this regard then you need to find out the ways in which you can exhibit your kindness in a more natural and emphatic manner. Thus, before the month starts, you must intend to be kind and keep an eye on the acts that can you can take to materialize your intentions.


Compliment Others:


The biggest problem with people of today is that we are filled with jealousy and we are too stringent when it comes to recognizing the good in others and are always focused on finding their ills. Thus, this all creates a vacuum and the most random act of kindness that brings smile on the faces of people and makes them happy is the reception of a simple complement. The simplest act of kindness that a person can commit is praise others. In our lives there are people whether we know them or not, they are in a dire need of complement. You can complement your parents, your siblings, friends, colleagues, relatives or any person that you meet and any of his or her acts that you find praise worthy. Thus, in this Ramadan, resolve to be kind by complementing other people around you to make them happy and make things easier for them.


Show Gratitude:


In our house there are people that help in our daily chores, at our workplaces there are people who help us carryout the daily work activities, there are friends in our social circles who help us with their odd needs, however, we are so consumed with our lives and the things we do that we don’t bother thanking them for the difference they make in our lives. When we don’t show gratitude, they loose all their dedication and love with which they help us and as a result the distance between people increases. This gulf can be bridged if in Ramadan you be kind to such people and thank them for whatever they have done to help make your life better and by telling them that how important are they in your life. Hence, the exhibition of kindness can start by being grateful to all those who matter even the minutest in your life and assist you in any possible way.


Be Thoughtful:


Like the appreciation and gratitude, which other people around us deserve, they also have needs which need to be fulfilled and we have to be thoughtful of their needs. Usually we tend to help those who are in the biggest and gravest of troubles, thus ignoring the ones who are in need of help in ordinary chores but don’t ask it. Helping people with lifting their things, giving them way in traffic, giving someone in a hurry your place in queue, all are some things that matter a lot in the month of Ramadan. When in Ramadan you show such kindness to people their lives become easy and they in return reciprocate by being kind to you or to others who come in contact with them. Thus, when you are thoughtful of their needs, it ultimately leads to initiation of a circle of kindness that continues on and on throughout the month and for some throughout their lives.


Spend Time With People:


In everyday life, we have a specific circle of people which we allow near ourselves and it is only this circle with whom we interact and coordinate throughout life. Ramadan teaches the message of sharing the love all across the society, therefore, during the month of Ramadan, you need to get out of your circle and move on to people who you rarely contact and whom you have contacted for a long time. When you reach out to such people they become happy and are grateful for the company you provide them and the love, which you show them. In this regard, inviting people to Iftaar is the best option in Ramadan as it provides a chance to feed the people and interact with them by sharing love and care.


Be Charitable:


Perhaps the most common act of kindness recognized and valued by all is charity. By being charitable and giving Zakat, one ensures that the less unfortunate get a chance to enjoy the amenities of life and spend quality times, which in ordinary days is something beyond their reach. Although a Muslim can give Zakat any time during the year, however, doing so in Ramadan is what most Muslims do, and it all is out of the spirit of kindness because the ones who receive zakat during Ramadan get to spend it on their fasting as well as for making preparations on the day of Eid. Therefore, this Ramadan resolve to be charitable other than just paying your obligated Zakat.


Bottom Line:


In addition to the purification of soul by fasting in Ramadan, a Muslim must also try to exhibit kindness during the month as being kind resonates the best with an elevated soul and also human kindness is something which is the need of the world at present time.




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