Imam of Lagos organises Seminar on Moonsighting For Clerics in Lagos.


Imam of Lagos organises Seminar on Moonsighting For Clerics in Lagos.

“The Chief Imam of Lagos, Engr. Sulaiman Abou, on Tuesday, 1st of May, 2018, called for a meeting with some members of moonsighting committee of Lagos State and other members considered being informed on the matters relating to moonsighting and reports. The meeting was to ensure adequate and correct information to be disseminated on the forthcoming Ramadan 2018, as well as adopting suitable modalities for unifying the entire Muslims in Nigeria with the rest of the Muslims in the world towards ensuring the start and end of Ramadan in unison.

The Chief Imam shared vital information with the members at the meeting about the successful strategy adopted by the NSCIA last year leading to a unified month of Ramadan, 2017. He also pointed out from his findings the world’s perception of Nigeria with a system without a well defined standard.

In ensuring successful unified Ramadan, the Imam has organized his first seminar, since his ascension as Chief Imam, on moonsighting for Muslim clerics in Lagos State with experts being invited to enlighten the public. This seminar will hold on Thursday, 10th of May, 2018, at the premises of the Lagos Central Mosque. All imams and organizations are invited for the seminar. May Allah make it successful and assist the Chief Imam to be able to bring tremendous good changes during his regime.


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