I smiled when interrogating some Sisters why
they don’t Use Hijab
Funny excuses goes thus:
* I’ll look outrageous and old
* Guys won’t love or crush on me
* I’m allergic to heat
* I don’t feel comfortable with it
* I’m too young to wear Hijab cause it’s meant for
married woman and old women
* I’ll be referred to as “Mola” (Hausa) girl
Like seriously I see no cogent reason that can
actually devoid you from wearing hijab..
Sister do u know that despite your unrelenting and
intransigent attitude a day will come that you will
wear hijab ….So sad .That day you won’t be
opportune to argue or proof adamant that you
won’t wear hijab..Why??? Because you are gone
.your mouth can’t help in
anyway….When they are dressing you and about
to take you to your grave without relenting…..
Then, you will be wrapped with white pieces that
covers all parts of your body…..
You said ;You will look old if you eventually wear
hijab….Firstly,Old age is something that is
incumbent, it will surely occur.Hijab can’t ever
make you look old it will rather make you to be
beautiful and special.. Don’t be deceived
#HijabSisters are cute.
Perhaps, some might think after using hijab, they
won’t have much followers,likes and comments on
social…Sister, they likes, comments and followers
can’t add any value to your life it will rather bring
Fitnah for you…More so, That so_called boyfriend
that you think you are preventing from cheating on
you, that inspires you to be exposing your body
.Sister wake up, Naturally some men are deceitful,
even if you keep satisfying them , they will cheat
on you consciously…..
From my perspective, I see no reason why you
shouldn’t wear Hijab…
Those stated excuses ain’t cogent for Hijab is
Allah’s commandment..
Allah guides whom He will, you should be happy
that you are among the guided ones (Muslims)
Allah the Almighty stated:
“Verily, you (O Muhammad) guide not whom you
like, Allah guides whom He Wills.And He knows
best those who are guided” (28:56)
That phenomenal feeling when they call you
#HijabUkhtee ..Keep calm and obey Allah’s
You are a Pearl of Islam
You are a Princess of Islam
You are the Noor of Islam.

Prof.Zaynab bint Abdulganiy …

….May Allah increase our imaan and
give our single ukhtees A pious zawj that will lead
them to Jannah.

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