Saudi’s oldest man dies at 147, had walked 600km to Makkah

While his son had already died, he passed away after suffering a brain stroke.


The oldest man in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Ali Al Alakmi, died at the age of 147, last week.

But what kept this Saudi man healthy till his last breath?

As disclosed by his family members, Alakmi depended on organic food and hardly ever used cars, preferring to walk whenever possible. They added that Alakmi loved walking so much that he had once walked from his hometown of Abha to Makkah (over 600kms) for Haj.

A family member, Yahya Al Alekami, told Al Arabiya that Sheikh Ali always ate from his farm comprising organic grains, wheat, maize, barley and honey. He preferred eating fresh meat from farm animals and kept away from processed food, and avoided feasting.

“Life was beautiful in the past. Today, things and people are very different. No one is left of my generation, so I feel lonely among people,” he said before his death.

He passed away after suffering a brain stroke.